As a speaker, my goal is to engage your audience through the power of story. Everyone wants to be part of a great story. We desire to be part of the narrative that we believe will bring us the most happiness. I believe that the magnificent story of our faith deserves to be told in a magnificent way. I am honored that you may be considering me for your next event. Please take a look at the topics below. I would love to work with you. If you are interested in bringing me to your next event, you can contact me HERE


A priest once told me that Catholicism is a treasure chest of endless treasure and most of us can not even find the key. What, or who are we are actually receiving as Catholics? If we new the answer to this question, it would change our lives. In this talk, Mallory shares with her audience the glorious story of our faith that has been lived out by saints and sinners in every generation. She gives the audience practical ways to receive the story and live it out. 


As the world becomes more secular and people seem less and less interested, how do we engage a generations of unbelief and full of moral relativism? Mallory shares how she came to know Jesus and how she went from being ready to leave the Catholic church to becoming a full time Catholic missionary. Mallory shares stories from her encounters over her time in ministry and gives her audience simple steps to sharing their faith in their own life. 



Most of us do not realize that we make our life decisions based on how we see the world. As Catholics, we should make our life decisions based on how God sees the world. Mallory shares how her world view has changed over the past seven years and what caused those changes. Mallory helps her audience connect their faith to their everyday life.


Archbishop Fulton Sheen said that the level a civilization can be defined in the level of its womanhood. In this talk, Mallory discuss with her fellow female the privilege we have been given to set the cultural standards and what the means for us today.