About Inheritance

Welcome to Inheritance! I'm Mallory and I am excited that you have come to visit. 

My friend, no matter where you came from, what you believe, or what choices you have made in the past, you belong to the most magnificent story in existence. It is so much bigger than ourselves, our families, our parishes and our nation. We belong to the story of God reaching down through history, in every generation to win us back to Him and for Him. It is the most interesting, most scandalous, most life changing inheritance, and it is ours by our baptism. St. Paul calls the Christian faith “unsearchable riches” but many of us don’t even know that there are riches to be searched.

The mission of “Inheritance” is to encourage all men and women to discover or rediscover Jesus Christ and His Church, the majesty of the Christian faith and the art of living it out.